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     author = {Goel, A. and Gruhn, V. and Richter, T.},
     editor = {Rinderle-Ma, S. and Sadiq, S. and Leymann, F.},
      title = {Mobile Workforce Scheduling Problem with Multitask-Processes},
  booktitle = {Lecture Notes in Business Information Processing 43},
       year = {2010},
      pages = {81--91},
  publisher = {Springer},
        doi = {10.1007/978-3-642-12186-9},
   abstract = {In this work we introduce a new generalization of the Resource-Constrained Project Scheduling Problem - theMobileWorkforce Scheduling Problem with Multitask-Processes (MWSP-MP). This scheduling problem arises in mobile work scenarios and is characterized by tasks to be scheduled that are not independent from each other, but belong to structured business processes. These business processes are subject to timing and cost related properties and restrictions that have to be considered for the scheduling of resources. We fortify the relevance of the MWSP-MP by illustration with process examples from the utility industry and present an initial heuristic for the insertion of processes into solutions of the problem.}