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        author = {Goel, A.},
         title = {P-Rank: a publication ranking, BWL - Handelsblatt},
          year = {2019},
  howpublished = {Available online at},
           url = {},
      abstract = {P-Rank is a publication ranking intended to increase recognition of scholars with notable publication output. There are many different ways in which notable publication output can be identified. Therefore, P-Rank comprises several rankings in which different journals are listed and further rankings may be added in the future. Also, P-Rank allows to adjust the way in which co-authored publications are counted. In order to better acknowledge the publication output of young scholars, P-Rank provides multiple versions of each ranking, where in each version only those articles which have been published since a particular year are considered. Similarly, P-Rank allows to restrict the ranking to certain regions and countries in order to acknowledge potential differences in the research environment.}