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     author = {Ihde, S. and Pufahl, L. and Lin, M. -B. and Goel, A. and Weske, M.},
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        doi = {10.1007/978-3-030-26643-1_4},
   abstract = {The allocation of resources to process activities can have a huge influence on overall performance, in particular, if resources are costly and limited in their availability. Rule-based allocations can lead to unnecessarily low resource utilization rates, high costs, and large delays. In this paper, we present a framework allowing for optimized resource allocations by extending a traditional Business Process Management System by a new component that we call the Resource Manager. Our framework allows a process designer to specify resource requirements which are used by the Resource Manager to decide on allocations of resources to process activities. We describe the functionality of the Resource Manager, its interaction with the process engine, and the data needed. The framework is implemented by extending an open-source process modeler and engine, and applied to a use case concerning the last mile delivery.}