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A Roadmap for Sustainable Freight Transport
Type of publication: Incollection
Citation: Go09_MMDTA
Booktitle: Methods of Multicriteria Decision Theory and Applications
Year: 2009
Pages: 47–56
ISBN: 978-3-8322-8180-9
Abstract: It is expected that freight transport in the European Union will grow signi ficantly and road transport will account for a major part of this growth. By 2020 almost 30% of CO2 emissions in the European Union will be caused by transportation. It is obvious that our present patterns of transport growth are unsustainable. One way toward more sustainable transport is to explicitly take greenhouse gas emissions into account in logistics decisions and to get freight traffic to switch from roads to alternative transport modes. This contribution discusses drivers and opportunities for intermodal transport planning. Related literature is surveyed and fields for future research are identified.
Goel, A.
Heyde, F.
Löhne, A.
Tammer, C.
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