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P-Rank 2022 – The top 1000 contributors, the top 1000 collaborators, and the top 250 individuals in business research
Type of publication: Misc
Citation: P-Rank2022
Year: 2022
Howpublished: Annual snapshots of P-Rank: a publication ranking
DOI: 10.2139/ssrn.3998541
Abstract: This document presents various rankings of publication output of scholars in the field of business studies. The rankings are based on the ABDC Journal Quality List, the CABS Academic Journal Guide, the FMS Journal Rating Guide,the ERIM Journal List, the list of the Handelsblatt BWL Ranking, the Hcéres liste des revues, Scimago Journal Ranks, and the VHB Jourqual 3 list. Different metrics are used to account for different ways to assess co-authored publications.
Keywords: Bibliometrics, Research Evaluation, Scientometrics
Goel, A.
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