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Vehicle Scheduling and Routing with Drivers’ Working Hours
Type of publication: Article
Citation: Go09_VRTDSP
Journal: Transportation Science
Volume: 43
Number: 1
Year: 2009
Pages: 17–26
DOI: 10.1287/trsc.1070.0226
Abstract: Regulations regarding drivers’ working hours often have a big impact on total transit times, i.e., the time
required for driving periods, breaks, and rest periods. Although of particular importance for many real-life
applications, they have received only very little attention in the vehicle routing literature. This paper describes
the new regulations for drivers’ working hours in the European Union that entered into force in April 2007.
According to the new regulations, motor carriers must organise the work of drivers in such a way that drivers
are able to comply with the respective regulations and are made liable for infringements committed by the
drivers. This paper shows how motor carriers can schedule driving periods, breaks, rest periods, and handling
activities, and presents a large neighbourhood search algorithm capable of generating vehicle tours complying
with the new regulations.
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Goel, A.
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